Ganesh APP aka Gapp is an enterprising person. He has got a creative way of looking at the world that gives him a unique approach to solving problems, at home and at work.

Currently, Ganesh is figuring out ways to help people in Africa who don't have access to clean water and food. He feels that the world is like a Software with a lot of bugs. Now would it make sense to bring in a new feature, which we promise to be amazing and great, into this software or sort out the existing bugs in the software? Getting married and bringing in a baby to this pretty screwed up world and then promising to provide the baby with the best of clothes, food, facilities and education, doesn't make sense to him, when there are millions dying of basic needs such as water and food.

During his school days Ganesh was fascinated by robotics. He would spend a lot of time understanding how things worked. He got into a lot of trouble with his mother because he would pull apart things such as the VCR player, the washing machine and mess up while reassembling them. He picked up this trait from his dad, who is a seasoned engineer himself.

Ganesh learned an important life lesson playing the game of Snakes on his dad's Nokia phone. There were two ways to play the game. You could go all out, taking a lot of risks, changing paths,to get the bonus fruit after you consume 5 normal fruits, thereby making a lot of points. Or you could just go about consuming the normal fruits (and the bonus fruits in your path). And soon enough you would grow big enough that all the bonus fruits line up in your path. He learned that if you created something, you just have to believe in it and keep doing it, till it is big enough that everything will come your way.

Later, in College he started a web site called Bot-Hack, which featured articles on robotics and hacking stuff. Later he went on to start the robotics club in his college with the help of his senior Sylvester.

Also during his college days, he along with his friends started the Rooftop Film Festival (RTFF) movement in Chennai. The idea was to involve the film buffs in an intelligent conversation. To provide fringe film makers with succor and a platform to promote their art. To take movies to the rooftop, where the hierarchy is flat and the spirit high. And he successfully managed to mobilize the dormant film society in Chennai. RTFF spread to Bangalore, Singapore, Hyderabad and he managed to recreate it in Shanghai (where roofs are locked) as Public Park Film Festival.

During his free time, Ganesh indulges in fitness activities such as running, Dragon Boat racing, cycling, swimming, Sepak Takraw, and Ultimate Frisbee. He likes to trek and travel a lot. Adventure sports like Bungee Jumping, sky diving and white water rafting also catch his interest.

Ganesh has run a few marathons and is now more interested in doing triathlons. Though swimming in open water intimidates him, he hopes to complete an Iron Man in the near future.

Ganesh has made a specific list of 43 things to do in life. He works towards completing them everyday. Some of them are achievable such as sky diving, do 100 push ups at a stretch and some are not possible (at least not from where he is now) such as go to space, compose music.

He also funds the expenses (clothes, food, shelter and education) of two kids at an NGO based in Chennai.

His friends sometimes question his choices in everything from what he wears to whom he dates, but they admire his willingness to experience all that life has to offer. In fact, his experimental nature has helped him become ultra-secure in himself - and that's a great way to be.

His offbeat opinions and adventurous spirit likely make him a compelling character to watch out for.