2023 05 28

Have started playing correspondence chess with a friend. It is casual chess with 24 hours per move. I prefer this more than playing with random strangers. There is some fun and banter. Hopefully, I can convince my other friends to also play correspondence chess with me.

Running has been steadily picking up. I doubt I will ever get back to my peak running form (2010-2015), but I do hope to do some Ultra Marathons in the near future.

Have taken up a rock climbing gym membership. Pure bouldering. I have figured, I don't like climbing as much as I like bouldering. Bouldering is non-nonsense. Go there alone, solve some problems and get out. And you can always make friends there. There are always people your level, who struggle on the same problems as you do and overcome it just like you eventually do. When you find such people, you instantly connect. Even if you don't know their language and they don't know yours, you play dumb charades and connect with them.

Have picked up about 10 interesting books on math. So the summer is kind of packed with a great reading list.

Played around with Bard from Google. It certainly seems to be quicker than ChatGPT for coding help, but the quality is not very good for complicated requests. I am going to get some of the weekend projects done. The only issue with Bard is I am not able to figure how to go access my previous chats with Bard. Which means, after I start a conversation, I have to complete the project one-shot.

  1. Words - A list of 10 random words to help improve vocabulary.
  2. Proximation - A math approximation game, where a person can choose between 0-20% precision and then pick a randomly generated problem set that is either big number addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage or reverse percentage.
  3. Airbnb Chat clone - A chat app that auto translates messages between two people who type in different languages.